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HAPPY Father's Day

Susan Cobb

HAPPY Father's Day
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Stamp and emboss on the Heat Resistant Acetate then use it as a clear card front to overlay images and ribbon over the inside.



  1. Cut a 6 1/2"x5" white cardstock rectangle. Cover it with gray/orange/yellow Evan's Town border paper with the circle portion on the upper left corner, leaving the top 1" of the paper not glued. Place yellow chevrons paper angled across the rectangle, 2 3/4" from the bottom on the left side, and 1 1/2" from the bottom on the right side. Glue in place and trim the edges evenly. Place orange patterned paper angled on the lower left corner of the rectangle, 2 1/8" from the bottom on the left side and angled until it runs off the edge of the rectangle as shown. Glue in place and trim the edges evenly.
  2. Cut a 7"x6 1/2" Heat Resistant Acetate. Score and fold the 1" section across the top. Insert the folded edge of the acetate beneath the top edge of the paper on the rectangle and use Ultra Clear tape to hold it in place, so the clear flap will lay over the paper-covered rectangle to form a card. Use a bone folder or your fingers to crease the acetate in place.
  3. Stamp the car image and 2 gear images so they overlap the background as shown. Sprinkle with black embossing powder and tap off the excess. Use a dry paintbrush to remove any remaining powder. Emboss with the heat gun. Open the card and stamp/emboss "HAPPY Father's Day" and "Enjoy the Ride" on the inside as shown. Place the card on your cutting mat and use your knife to cut around the bottom edge of "Enjoy the Ride" near the center. Cut a striped paper strip from the arrows patterned paper and insert one end beneath the cut edge of the image and glue as shown. Close the card and trim the acetate evenly across the bottom of the card.
  4. Place Silver Jewel Dazzles on the background and Thin Lines Dazzles along the paper edges as shown. Ink the edges of the paper black. Add silver metallic ribbon as shown. Add Dazzles and ribbon on the acetate as shown.