Happy Birthday

Susan Cobb

Happy Birthday
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip:



  1. Place the Design Tool Scalloped Flap template with the long fold line even with the top of the card. Trace around the bottom edge of the template with a pencil. Trim the edge of the card front only, along the pencil line. Repeat for the bottom edge of the inside, using the Camera Flap template. Cover the front flap with teal/purple/chartreuse tiles paper, adding extra paper to match the edge. Ink the edges black.
  2. Use the large heart window template to trace the shape onto teal dotted paper. Cut it out and mat on white/chartreuse hounds tooth paper, then dark purple textured paper. Foam tape the heart centered on the front flap. Place Card Greetings Dazzles "happy birthday" centered on the heart. Back Dazzles 3 small flowers on white/chartreuse hounds tooth paper and foam tape on the bottom of the heart as shown. Add Purple Jewel Dazzles on the center of each flower. Glue or foam tape hydrangeas and leaf on the left side of the card as shown. Zot knotted purple velvet glitter ribbon as shown. Add Black Thin Lines Dazzles on the top edge of the card as shown.
  3. Cover the bottom 1 3/4" of the inside with white/chartreuse hounds tooth paper. Cover the remaining inside with teal dotted paper. Glue purple velvet glitter ribbon across the card over the seam of the 2 papers. Ink the edges black. Add Dazzles "with love" and tiny flowers. Place Purple Jewel Dazzles on flower centers and Thin Lines Dazzles along the velvet glitter ribbon.