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Enjoy THE little THINGS

Susan Cobb

Enjoy THE little THINGS
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip:



  1. Mat 1 photo on purple floral paper with 1/8" borders and ink the edges black. Mat again on black/aqua tapestry paper with 1/4" borders. Ink the edges black. Glue on the page as shown. Mat a second photo on ivory/text paper with 1/16" borders. Ink the edges black and mat again on black/aqua tapestry paper with 1/4" borders. Ink the edges black. Glue on the page, even with the right side as shown.
  2. Trim the tabs from the Foiled Fancies you will use. Wet the paintbrush and obtain some color from the festive berries Distress Crayon and paint the inner flower shape on the large flower pieces. Place a Dazzles small flower centered on each flower. Now paint inside the petals of the Dazzles flowers. Add a black flower center to each flower. Now use the same Distress Crayon to add color to the remaining areas of the flower pieces plus 2 butterflies and border. Use your finger to smudge the color as desired. Trim the Foiled Fancies border into 2 pieces and add on the left side of the top photo and across the left side of the page near the bottom photo as shown.
  3. Back the Dazzles two large/one medium flowers and 2 large/2 small leaves on papers as shown, trimming evenly around the edges. Glue the large flower and large leaves layered on the lower left corner of the top photo. Layer a Foiled Fancies flower centered on the large Dazzles flower. Layer the smaller Dazzles flowers together and glue in place with the small leaves. Foam tape remaining Foiled Fancies in place on the page. Place Dazzles words and tiny butterflies on the right side of the page between the photos. Write or computer print names and year on ivory floral paper and trim to a rectangle. Ink the edges black and mat on black/aqua tapestry paper. Glue on the page as shown. Add Dazzles "innies" and red Jewel Dazzles on the Foiled Fancies as shown. Use 3/4" wide purple crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Trim each tail into a "V" and Zot in place.