Just Because Card

Debbie Samples

Just Because Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: The shimmer of the iridescent paints makes the dragonflies look ral



  1. Card front: Cut the card into a 5" square. Place the fold on the top. Cover with Bohemian Dreams green paper. Glue a 5"x2" Bohemian Dreams tan/cream paper centered. Ink the edges.
  2. Remove the largest wreath by cutting off the nibs. Paint the large flowers on the wreath with the purple and red paint. Glue centered on the card placing the flower with the elongated petals on the bottom.
  3. Remove two medium and three small dragonflies from the rest. Paint with purple and green paints. Foam tape around the wreath as shown. Place the Dazzles as shown.
  4. Paint a 1" square of white cardstock with orange paint. Let dry. Glue the sentiment on the square, and trim close to the sentiment's edge. Foam tape centered.