Hello Card

Susan Cobb

Hello Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer tips: 1) Die cut the butterfly and shadow shapes from the Toner Sheet and place inside the folded parchment (included with the Toner Sheets) with foil on top of the design, color facing up. Turn on the laminator, select the 5mil setting, and allow 10 minutes to warm up. When ready, insert folded parchment with die cut/foil into laminator using the crease as the lead edge. Remove the die cut from the parchment paper. Peel foil transfer sheet away from the design. 2) Gently fold the wings of the larger rainbow butterflies together. Foam tape the butterfly body centered on its corresponding silver shadow and glue on the card. For the inside center pieces of the smallest butterfly die cut, cut the smallest butterfly shape from plain cardstock and place it inside the folded parchment. Place the butterfly inside pieces die cut from the toner sheet inside the cardstock butterfly. Place the rainbow foil on top of the butterfly and run it through the laminator. Place the colored pieces inside the silver butterfly on the card as shown.