Stamped Foiled Fancies Ornament

Susan Cobb

Stamped Foiled Fancies Ornament
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip:



  1. Stamp the large snowflake image centered on the 2 large Foiled Fancies snowflakes with Marine ink. Stamp the swirl image on the two 1 1/4" snowflakes. Place the 2 large snowflakes face down.
  2. Cover the center openings of 1 snowflake with double-sided adhesive. Take a piece of navy jute twine that extends 5" above the large snowflake and allow it to hang below the center of the snowflake 1", anchoring it with Zots at top and bottom. Place a stamped 1 1/4" snowflake face down below the large snowflake and Zot the bottom end of the twine onto the center of the snowflake. Foam tape the second 1 1/4" snowflake aligned over the first one.
  3. Add a second length of twine, anchored at the bottom and top of the large snowflake with Zots. Foam tape the second large snowflake aligned on the first. Sprinkle the double-sided adhesive with crystal micro glitter on both sides and burnish it with your fingers. Tap off the excess. Foam tape a tiny snowflake centered on the large one. Decorate the snowflakes with Jewel Dazzles as shown. Tie a bow in the twine at the top for a hanger and trim the ends as desired.