Wreath Ornament

LeNae Gerig

Wreath Ornament
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Curl 1/8" x8 " strips of white cardstock, starting the coil by wrapping around a pencil point and then removing and continuing coil with fingertips. Drop tightly coiled paper strips into the top of the ornament and once full replace the ornament cap. Use a X-acto knife to remove double-stick Dazzles wreath and place on a plastic sheet protector. Sprinkle with green glitter and rub glitter into adhesive using ginger tip. Tap off excess glitter and place wreath on one side of the ornament. Repeat berries and bow with red glitter. Add gold glitter bow details. Thread the ornament hanger with " wide sheer green ribbon and knot the ends. Use gold velvet glitter ribbon to make a bow and Zot to the side of the hanger as shown.