Life is a song Page

LeNae Gerig

Life is a song Page
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Tear the edges of pink Song Birds paper to measure 4 "x4 5/8" and ink edges brown. Glue to the Song Birds border paper 2 " from the left side and 2 1/8" from the page top. Mat 4"x6" photo with white cardstock, leaving 1/8" borders and glue to 4 7/8"x7" blue paper with torn edges. Ink edges and glue 3 " from the left and 2 7/8" from the top. Place birdcage Dazzles sticker on the lower right and tree branch on bottom left photo corner as shown. Assemble the Tole nest with foam tape and place on the bottom right photo corner. Zot a knotted blue dot ribbon length next to the flowers and large green bow at the top left photo corner. Zot a birdcage charm under the center of the bow. Lightly sand 2 small Song Birds Foiled Fancies and glue to the left of the Dazzles branch and one on the bird nest. Place "Life is a song" Dazzles on 1 3/8"x2 7/8" green rectangle with torn top and bottom edges. Ink edges and foam tape to the top right photo corner.