Believe Wood Wign

Susan Cobb

Believe Wood Wign
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: The easiest way I found to add paper to the front of the wood letters is to place the letter face down on the back of your patterned paper, then trace around the shape including the inner openings, with a pencil or pen. Remove the letter and cut out the shape, including the inner openings. Now glue the paper letter onto the front of the inked wood letter and ink around the outside edges and openings of the paper. 1) Use a cosmetic sponge to ink the edges of the front surface of each wood letter with dark brown ink, then ink the remaining sides entirely. Let dry. Cover each letter front with patterned paper as shown. Ink the outside edges and openings with brown ink. 2) Use a clean cosmetic sponge to cover the Santa's beard, whiskers, and hat/coat trim pieces with Cotton White ink. Let dry. Cover the front surface of the round nose with red patterned paper. Lightly ink the edges of the pieces with dark brown ink. Arrange the pieces on the pointed "L" letter for the Santa as shown. Cut a piece of tan dots paper for the Santa's face, to fit below the hat trim and above the whiskers as shown. Glue the paper in place. Use Tacky Glue to glue the remaining pieces in place except for the coat trim at the bottom-leave it unglued for now. 3) Use the Tiny Christmas Things + Shadows Cutting Dies and your die cutting machine to cut the shapes from Silver Snowflakes Holographic paper as shown. Die cut shadows from tan dots paper and ink the edges of each with dark brown ink. Back the die cuts with patterned papers and glue to a corresponding shadow. Mat the reindeer on tan dots paper. Foam tape the die cuts to the wood letters as shown. Add ribbons. Glue the white coat trim in place on the "L".