Happy Birthday Card

Susan Cobb

Happy Birthday Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Stamp the floral image with waterproof ink, then use watercolor pencils to add color to the petals and leaves. I added the darker colors on the shadow areas of the blossoms. To color the floral stamped image, use a wet brush and the #130 pencil to add a wash of color over the entire rose blossom. Add #124 over the center of the shaded petals, and #121 at the base of the shaded petals. Let dry. Now add a wash of #117 over the entire blossom. Use the #273 pencil to lightly color in the smaller flower petals. Use the wet brush to smooth out the color. Add more color to the shaded areas of the small flowers. Use the #168 pencil to color the small leaves and smooth out with the wet brush. Add #104 over the green color and smooth again with the wet brush. Let dry.