Make a Wish

Susan Cobb

Make a Wish
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: 1) Cut a 4 7/8"x6 1/4" Twilight Jewels green/blue border paper and glue it centered on the card. Die cut the large star shape through the paper and card front only--centered on the card, 1 5/8" from the top. Stamp and emboss "MAKE A" above and to the left of the star-shaped opening. Stamp/emboss the curved banner "string" centered below the star. Die cut 5 flag shapes from assorted papers: Twilight Jewels purple, dark pink, and lavender textured papers. Stamp/emboss a different flag design on each shape. Die cut 4 small lavender star shapes, then stamp/emboss the small star image centered on each. Die cut "wish" from dark pink paper and glue the word on the right side of the stamped/embossed words above the star-shaped opening. Foam tape the remaining embossed/die cut elements in place. 2) Place Silver Dazzles as shown. Tie a magenta bow and Zot as shown. 3) Cover the inside of the card with Twilight Jewels lavender textured paper. Trim a 5" length of border from remaining green/blue border paper and glue it even with the bottom. Place a star shaker through the star-shaped opening from the back, then close the card so the star shaker is centered inside the window from the front. Now open the card again leaving the shaker on the inside, so you can see the spacing for stamping the words above and below the star. Remove the star shaker and stamp/emboss the words as shown. Stamp and emboss 3 small star die cut shapes and glue as shown. 4) Die cut a large star shape from remaining green/blue border paper. Stamp/emboss the dotted star outline on the shape. Take a star shaker and add some mixed berry sequins to the inside. Remove the white backing from the adhesive edge and place the star die-cut centered on it with the stamped edge face down. Add glue to the back of the paper and place it inside the front star-shaped opening from the back. Close the card and make sure the shaker is aligned through the opening on the front. Press in place on the inside.