Travel Assemblage Clock

Debbie Samples

Travel Assemblage Clock
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip:



  1. Use pliers to remove the nuts that hold the bells in place at the top of the clock. Pull the posts out of the clock.
  2. Use a cosmetic sponge with a few drops of each color to pounce ink over the entire surface of the clock. You can add more color, sometimes only using one color at a time. Keep adding color with the sponge, until you get a pleasing effect. Also use the ink on the bells. Put the bells back on the top.
  3. Trace and cut the back circle on Homeward Bound border paper. Glue in place on the back.
  4. Tear travel elements from the Travel Artsy Collage book. Glue on the back circle, placing it and removing it from the assemblage clock to check for position.
  5. Sand and ink paper charms. Glue in place.
  6. Choose a photo that is about 3" tall. Glue to white cardstock. Cut close to the edge of the people, but leave a 2" border at the bottom to make a flap to glue into the clock. Foam tape a suitcase (from the Artsy Collage book)on the bottom right of the photo. Fold the flap to the back, and use Tacky Glue on the flap to glue to the inside. Place the clock on it's legs to see how the photo looks. Then hold it in place till the glue takes hold. Let dry. Zot a rosette on either side of the photo. Tear another rosette apart, and place the petals in front of the photo on the bottom.
  7. Place a border Dazzles on the glass around the outside edge. Break off the legs of the Embellies compass brad. Foam tape to the front on the bottom right.
  8. Color the chain on the vinyl tag with alcohol inks. Cut the "Voyage" tag fro the vinyl. Leave a " on the "v" side. Punch a hole, and thread the chain through it. Place on the middle post, and Zot the tag in place.
  9. Tie a three loop cream ribbon. Tie it to the left side bell.