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Happy Trails Card

Debbie Samples

Happy Trails Card
By Debbie Samples

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  1. Cut two cards to 5" square. Place one card with the fold on the bottom. Cover the front with Robin's Red teal stripe paper. Ink the edges.
  2. Cut one side of the second card so it is 5"x1/2". Glue the 1/2" flap on the back of the first card, so the long flap hangs over the front. Cover with Robin's Red red tile paper. Trace and cut the Camera flap on the top flap only. Ink the edges. Trace the circle on the card flap, and cut it out. Ink the edges.
  3. Trace and cut the camera label from Robin's Red gray dot paper. Ink the edges. Cut a 3" square of acetate. Glue behind the cut out circle. Trim the edges even with the label. Foam tape over the hole cut in the card flap. Place Dazzles as shown.
  4. Back the smallest trailer with Robin's Red red dot paper. Close the front flap, and place the trailer behind the window, on the inside flap. Place a silver jewel Dazzles for the wheel.
  5. Cover the inside with Robin's Red red dot paper. Back the left facing trailer with Robin's Red teal stripe paper, and white cardstock. Cover the wheels with silver jewel Dazzles. Place Dazzles as shown.