Butterfly Wood Wall Hanging

Debbie Samples

Butterfly Wood Wall Hanging
By Debbie Samples

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  1. Use Sand Paper to sand the edges, and the seams on the wood plank.
  2. Choose Butterflies that are of a medium/small size. Choose a gradient of colors from red to purple. Choose one color from a solid, and one from a pattern. Remove the nibs with your fingernail, or by sanding lightly.
  3. Start at the bottom, and Zot one red butterfly slightly off the edge, at an angle, facing left, and the matching red butterfly at an angle facing right. Zot only the bodies of the butterflies, and fold the wings up. Zot the second butterflies with the pattern butterfly on the opposite side. Switch the pattern butterfly each time. Randomly Zot an acetate butterfly on 3-4 of the butterflies throughout the array.