Susan Cobb

By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: 1) Clean the surface of the weathervane with rubbing alcohol. Moisten a cosmetic sponge with Alcohol Blending Solution, then add a few drops of the cranberry alcohol ink on the sponge. Use the Post-It Note to mask the "N". Apply the ink randomly on the surface of the weathervane, except for the "N", leaving areas of plain metal. Add more ink to the sponge as you go, or add drops onto a large area of the metal, then spread it out with the sponge. Now use a clean sponge to add eggplant ink to the bare metal areas and blend some of the edges with the cranberry ink. Apply a few drops of blending solution to a clean sponge. Squish the sponge together to spread it out, then dab it over the inked weathervane to add a slight texture and remove a few areas of the ink. Use a clean sponge to add a small amount of lettuce ink on the areas where there is bare metal. 2) Remove the Post-It Note from the "N". Apply lettuce ink on the surface of the "N", then add some blending solution to the sponge and remove some ink to let the silver metal show through. 3) Add a small drop of eggplant ink to each outer petal of the metal flower. Use a sponge to spread the ink, leaving some areas bare metal. Repeat for the center flower using cranberry ink, concentrating the color toward the center. Add a little eggplant ink near the outer edges of the smaller petals. Take a clean sponge and add a few drops of blending solution. Use it to remove some of the ink from the flower so some bare metal shows in the inner part of the large petals and the outer part of the small petals. Sponge on a small amount of lettuce ink on some of the petals. 4) Sponge some eggplant ink onto the Silver Border Dazzles you will be using. Let dry. Place Dazzles as shown.