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I Pick You Card

Debbie Samples

I Pick You Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Place the card with the fold on top. Cover with dark orange paper. Ink the edges. Cut a 6½”x3/4” chevron from the light orange paper. Glue to the bottom edge. Place the leaf border on the left. Trace and cut two 3½”x2” ovals from light orange paper. Ink the edges. Glue overlapping in the center. Trace and cut a third oval from orange dot paper. Ink the edges. Foam tape centered over the previous two ovals. Place three swirl Dazzles™ at the top. Cut a stem from excess Dazzles™ material, and place at the top. Zot a ribbon knot at the top. Back two small pumpkin Dazzles™ with purple dot paper, and orange dot paper. Glue sequins to the leaf border as shown. Write, or computer journal on orange dot paper. Mat on black cardstock. Foam tape on the top right.