Iris Fold Tree Card

Gail Booth

Iris Fold Tree Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Cover 6 ½”x5” white cardstock with teal Origami paper. Ink edges of 6 ¼”x4 ¾” Christmas Wonder border paper (keeping the flowers in the upper left corner) with Arctic Deep and glue centered on the cardstock. Turn the cardstock over, center the Joyful Tree shape of the template on the cardstock and trace the shape. Cut the shape out with the knife, then ink the cut edges of the window. Follow the template directions to place the cardstock window over the template tree pattern and use silver and green Origami papers to create the iris-folded tree. Turn over and stamp “Enjoy the Season” with Sour Apple ink, then use Arctic Deep to stamp again, offset to the right. Foam tape the piece onto a blank card. Trace and cut out a Christmas star from red flower artwork. Place border Dazzles™ along the bottom. Cut a Dazzles™ dot from one border and place on the star.