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Rainy Day Fun! Page

Debbie Samples

Rainy Day Fun! Page
By Debbie Samples

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  1. Use the Romantique floral border paper with the border on the top right corner as your base.
  2. Mat three photos on black cardstock with 1/16” borders. Mat on Romantique pink paper with 3/8” borders. Mat on black cardstock with 1/8” borders. Glue one 1¾” from the top, and 3½” from the left. Wrap a knotted ribbon around the bottom of the second photo, and 5¾” from the top, and ¾” from the left. Glue the third one 6¾” from the top, and ¼” from the right.
  3. Peel one side of a 4½” square of double sided adhesive and place on a 4½” square of white cardstock. Place the large cutting die on the cardstock, and run through the die cutting machine. Peel the covering off the adhesive on the die-cut, and cover with glitter. Burnish the glitter into the adhesive, and tap off the excess. Back the center label with white cardstock. Cut close to the die-cut edge. Foam tape ½” from the top, and ¾” from the left. Use the small cutting die with Romantique pink paper to cut a label. Computer journal or write the title. Foam tape on the glitter label.
  4. Use the center of the large cutting die to cut two blue labels. Brush Tacky Glue on the edges, and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Die cut two small labels from Romantique pink paper. Computer journal or write on the labels, and foam tape one on each blue glitter label. Glue one 4¼” from the top, and 1¾” from the right. Glue the second between the bottom photos.
  5. Peel off one side of a 4½” square of double sided adhesive, and place on white cardstock. Use the large cutting die to cut a large label. Peel off the second side of the adhesive, and cover with glitter. Cut apart the long straight pointed areas of the die-cut. Glue three to each of the bottom labels as shown.