Thank You Card

Susan Cobb

Thank You Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: For the embossed design, use stencil tape to mask the leaves/vines, leavng the 3 blossoms exposed. Obtain a small amount of Pink Sapphire Glitter Kiss on the sponge in the lid of the container. Wipe the sponge on the edge of the container to remove any excess. Using a very light touch, pull the sponge across the 3 flower blossoms. Turn the piece and repeat. Remove the masking and use the Sea Green Glitter Kiss for the leaves and vines. Use your craft knife to remove little bits of excess Glitter Kiss if needed. Use a small amount of Timber Brown ink to very lightly color the Inside/Outside Greetings Dazzles™ so they are ivory rather than white.