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Decorated Craft Paper House

Susan Cobb

Decorated Craft Paper House
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: 1) Follow the instructions included with the package to assemble the paper house. For the roof pieces, cut Christmas Cabin red plaid paper from the floral corner sheet as follows: right roof, two pieces 3 1/4"x2” each. Glue one piece on each side of the roof. For the left roof, two pieces 4”x1 5/8” each. Place a piece on the roof, then mark with a pencil and cut to fit. Glue in place. Repeat for the second piece. 2) Cut 1/4" wide green plaid paper and glue it along the bottom edges of the paper house, piecing it to fit. Back Christmas Cabin Scrapbooking Dazzles™with patterned papers and add them to the house as shown. 3) Add Mixed Media Effect Snow to the house as shown, and sprinkle with crystal micro glitter while the effect snow is still wet. Let dry. Shake off any excess glitter.