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Traveler’s Notebook

LeNae Gerig

Traveler’s Notebook
By LeNae Gerig

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  1. Die-cut the journal covers and closure from 2 pieces of chipboard. Align the first 2 holes on the binding and glue together. Let dry. Use the surface of the ink pad to color the spine and closure piece copper. Spread a thin layer of glue on the front journal cover. Place the top edge of the green Garden Walk paper along the top so that the music border is along the top edge of the journal. Repeat for the back and trim the paper even with the journal covers. Ink the cover edges with copper ink pad.
  2. Place Garden Walk Scrapbooking Dazzles™ Sticker borders, words and butterflies as shown. Color the butterflies with both light and dark turquoise and pink Spectrum Noir™ Pens, blending the darker shades with a lighter shade.
  3. Inside: Make 3 inserts for the notebook, cutting 12-15 sheets of copy paper (to cut down on the bulk and weight of the notebook) to 8"x7 1/2" and fold the pages in half. You could decorate multiple pages (or you could do all of the pages) with Ferns Stencil and 2 shades of green ink from Yellow/Green Cat's Eye Queue Ink Pad Set. Ink the pages edges with the bronze ink pad. Make covers for each section from Garden Walk Paper, cut to 8 1/4"x7 1/2".
  4. For the binding: In order to keep the binding process as easy as possible, I found it helpful to color one end of a 6’ length of twine with a blue marker and one end with a red marker.
  5. Open the notebook and lay flat. Thread the blue end of the twine through the front side of the bottom left hole, pull it across the center of one of the opened paper sections (left section) and up through the top left hole.
  6. Using the red end of the twine, thread it through the outside center hole on the bottom of the book, across the center of what will be the center section, and thread the red twine end through the center top hole.
  7. Continue with the red twine end and thread it through the last hole on the top right and down across the center of the opened last paper section and insert it through the bottom hole on the right.
  8. Turn the notebook over to the front. Thread each end back through the center top and bottom holes in the notebook. Finally, insert each twine end through the hole in the center of the notebook binding and to the outside of the notebook. Holding both twine ends together, make an overhand knot and use a pencil to drag the knot flush with the binding.
  9. For the closure: Tie the die-cut closure piece to one of the twine tails and place on the open side of the book and knot in place. This piece will keep the twine from digging into the open edges of the book cover.