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Christmas Wonder Window

LeNae Gerig

Christmas Wonder Window
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: With the glass still in the window, place the Dazzles™ Stickers, as shown. Use fingertip to smooth down sticker so there are no loose edges. Remove glass from window and, while wearing gloves, apply Armour Etch over the entire window, in a thick layer, using a sponge. I found letting it dry longer than the manufactuer suggests worked better-10-15 minutes and rinse off with water. Remove Dazzles™ Stickers and pat glass dry with paper towels. Return to the frame with out the backing piece and secure the metal brackets. To secure the glass further, place some hot glue in each corner. Glue flowers and leaves along the top edge of the window front. Fold 2 ¼” length of ribbon and glue ends among the flowers, as shown. Place swirl Dazzles™ Stickers extending from the left and right sides of the arrangement and place tiny snowflake Dazzles™ on leaves and on wood frame. Add dots of red glitter glue to the holly and ornaments as shown and let dry.