Holiday Greetings

Debbie Samples

Holiday Greetings
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Start with the three bow stamps. Use the lightest red ink with the solid stamp on white cardstock. Use the #2 bow with medium red ink, and line up the edges. Use the darkest red ink with #3 bow details stamp. Make a mask of the solid bow, on scratch paper. Place over the bow, and stamp the bare twig stamp in black ink on the right and left of the bow. Leave the mask in place. Use the three small pine cone stamps, starting with the solid pine cone, and the lightest brown ink. Stamp two cones as shown. Use the #2 pine cone stamp with medium ink to stamp over the first images. Use the #3 detail stamp with the darkest brown ink over the same images. Stamp a solid pine cone twice on scratch paper to make a mask. Cut close to the stamped edge. Cover the pine cones, and leave the bow mask in place. Ink the leafy wreath with a light green ink. Position over the pine cones and bow, so they are at the top of the wreath. Stamp the wreath. Ink the wreath with a medium green ink, and stamp again, offsetting just a little bit. Leave the masks in place. Ink the berries with the darkest red ink. Stamp over the wreath image. Cut close to the stamped edge. Foam tape on point to a 3¼” Christmas Wonder green paper. Large Pine Cones Spray: Stamp the three bow stamps, and repeat as for the first bow, on white cardstock. Stamp a mask, and cover the bow. Use the three large long pine cone stamps and stamp the pine cone on the right with the three steps and ink. Stamp a long pine cone mask, and cover the first pine cone. Use the three shorter large pine cone stamps with the three inks to stamp a pine cone on the left. Stamp a mask for the shorter pine cone. Cover and leave the other masks in place. Use the leafy branch, with light green ink to stamp around the bow and pine cones. Stamp the twig around the spray. Cut close to the stamped edge. Glue on the bottom left. Use the same method to stamp the small pine cones with sprigs for the image on the bottom right.