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Debbie Samples

Beauty Page
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Charleston papers have deep rich colors.



  1. Use the Charleston Border paper as your base, with the flowers on the top left corner. Use the Pen Knife to cut around the beads under the flowers. Glue an 11”x8” Charleston Green paper 3” from the top, with ½” on the left and right. Slip under the cut away beads on the left.
  2. Mat two 6”x4” photos on Charleston blue paper with ¼” borders. Glue one on the top right of the green paper with ¼” border on the top and right edge. Glue the second photo on the bottom left, with 3/8” borders on the left, and bottom, slipping the top of the photo under the beads. Glue several brown half beads on the beads in the dangles, as shown.
  3. Assemble the newsprint Paper Tole, with foam tape. Thread 3-4 buttons with navy jute twine. Glue the buttons on the right of the rose, as shown. Glue the Paper Tole ½” from the bottom, and ½” from the right.
  4. Back two corner Dazzles™ with Charleston yellow and maroon papers. Glue the corners on the green paper as shown.
  5. Zot three yellow flowers on the green paper to the top left. Glue sequins randomly to the flowers. Zot two ribbon loops between the flowers on the top.
  6. Place the “BEAUTY” Dazzles™ on the top photo. Place feather Dazzles™ as shown.