Dearest FRIEND Card

Susan Cobb

Dearest FRIEND Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: 1) Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the left half of the card with Serenity burgundy/yellow gold floral paper and set aside. Cut a 3 1/4"x5” teal textured paper. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply FlitterGlu to the surface of the large folliage/stem stamp. Now stamp the image across the bottom half of the paper, applying more glue before each image. Make them slightly overlapping and allowing the images to go off the paper. Repeat for the top of the paper. Let dry for a minute or so, then place MegaFlakes over the glue images. Use a clean cosmetic sponge to remove the excess flakes, then use the scoochy foam to “polish” the images. Glue the paper on the right side of the card. 2) Stamp the large butterfly/folliage image on Serenity teal textured paper and add the MegaFlakes as in step #1. Use the 5 1/8” label die and your die cutting machine to cut the label shape with the butterfly image on the center. Mat on Serenity yellow gold paper with 1/16” borders. Die cut a 5 7/8” label from Serenity burgundy textured paper and mat on Serenity yellow gold paper with 1/16” borders. Glue the teal label centered on the burgundy label and glue it centered on the card. 3) Stamp/gild the large folliage/stem and flower/stem images separately on Serenity teal textured paper. Cut them out leaving a thin border. Arrange them overlapping on the left side of the card, overlapping the labels. Glue in place. Stamp/gild “Dearest FRIEND” on teal textured paper and trim to a rectangle. Mat on yellow gold paper with 1/16” borders. Foam tape the words over the bottom of the folliage/flower stems as shown. Use 1/2" wide burgundy grosgrain ribbon to tie a bow. Trim each end into a “V” and Zot™ the bow above the words as shown.