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Thanks Card

Debbie Samples

Thanks Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: The glitter in the Glitter Kiss makes these cards shine.



  1. Card front: Place a scrap paper behind the front card flap. Place stencil tape on the back of the card, along the fold. Use the sponge provided in the lid to dab Hunter Green Glitter Kiss on the front card flap. You can make several layers to get good coverage. Let dry. You can touch up any spots with a small brush. Remove the tape on the fold.
  2. Trace the card front on white cardstock. Cover the cardstock with clear glitter sheet. Cut both along the traced line. Glue behind the card front, so the glitter shows through the front. Trim any excess.
  3. Place the second flap on a scratch paper, and dab with the Antique Rose Glitter Kiss. Cover as you did the front cover.
  4. Cut a 6½”x5” white cardstock. Cover with clear Glitter Sheet. Glue behind the second panel, with the glitter showing through the flower.
  5. Fold the panels in place.