Family Created with Love Page

Susan Cobb

Family Created with Love Page
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: 1) Mat the photo on black cardstock with 1/16” borders. Place a Dazzles™ black border even with the right edge of the photo, adding a piece of a second border to fit. Mat again on Rooted In Love gray/tan tiles paper with 3/16” borders. Ink the edges black. 2) Place an oval doily vertically and cut off the top and bottom, 2” from each end. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply scattred straw Distress Ink on the doily pieces to color them. Cut a 5 5/8”x8 1/2" Rooted In Love gray marbled paper and ink the edges black. Glue the center of the matted photo centered on the marble paper, even with the right side. Place an inked doily piece beneath the top edge of the matted photo, overlapping the gray marble paper so it extends 1 1/8” beyond the gray/tan mat. Repeat for the bottom piece (note: if the sides of the doily show, simply trim them so they are covered by the photo and matting). Glue on the right side of the rooted In Love floral corner background paper. 3) Back the Dazzles™ gold frame with Rooted In Love gray marble paper and line the center opening with Rooted In Love pink marbled paper. Place Dazzles™ “love” and small butterfly centered on the pink paper. Foam tape the frame near the center of the page, overlapping the left edge of the matted photo. Add flowers on the upper left corner of the photo/matting as shown. 4) Back Dazzles™ large, medium, and small black butterflies with green or yellow paper. Gently fold the wings together and foam tape the bodies on the page as shown. Place a 1” black butterfly centered on the green butterfly with key near the floral corner of the background paper. Add Dazzles™ “Family Created with” above the frame, with Dazzles™ as shown. Add Dazzles™ tiny gold butterflies layered on some of the black butterflies. 5) Use a cosmetic sponge to apply pink plum Shimmer Paint to the surface of 2 laser cut chipboard butterflies. Let dry. Back the butterflies with Rooted In Love yellow marble paper and trim the edges evenly. Glue a few green beads centered on each. Glue them angled on the page as shown. Cut thin strips of patterned paper and thread it through the buttonholes to finish them. Zot™ buttons in place. Glue sequins, pearls, and beads as shown.