Get Well Soon Card

Debbie Samples

Get Well Soon Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: If you glitter both sides of the Dazzles™, it gives a more vibrant look.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on the left. Cover with Ruby Rose dark red paper. Cut a 4 ¾”x6 ¼” Ruby Rose border paper with the border on the left. Use the pen knife and mat to cut around the flowers a the bottom of the card. Glue the piece centered on the card front, keeping the flower section free from glue.
  2. Peel the swirl Dazzles™ from the sheet. Hold it on one finger, over a paper. Pour black glitter over both sides of the Dazzles™. Unstick from your finger, and glitter that are. Rub the glitter into both sides of the Dazzles™. Use Tacky glue on one side , tuck the straight edge under the cut away flowers. Glue in place.
  3. Peel the largest butterfly from the sheet. Glitter both sides with Cool Diamond glitter. Cut a 3¾” x2½” Double Sided adhesive. Peel off one side. Place the glittered butterfly down on the sticky side. Pour Pink Peony glitter over the entire butterfly. Rub into the butterfly, and then use a soft brush to brush off the excess. Most of the glitter will just stay in the details of the butterfly. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edge, leaving the back of the adhesive on. Peel off the back, and place on clear acetate. Cut the butterfly close to the Dazzles™ edge again. Fold the wings upward. Glue just the body to the card, leaving the wings free.
  4. Glitter the words with the same method as the swirl. (no acetate), on both sides. Glue in place with tacky glue. Glitter three small butterflies with black, pink, and red glitter. Glue in place on the border.
  5. Card inside: Mat a 4 5/8”x4¼” Ruby Rose border paper on Ruby Rose dark red paper with 1/8” borders. Glue centered.
  6. Glitter the word Dazzles™ on both side, with red glitter. Glue a the top. Glitter the small butterfly on both sides with Cool Diamond glitter. Place on Double Sided adhesive, and glitter the details with pink glitter. Place on acetate, and cut close to the Dazzles™ edge. Fold the wings up, and glue just the body as shown. Glitter the swirl on both side, and glue in place as shown.