I love YOU to the MOON AND BACK Page

Susan Cobb

I love YOU to the MOON AND BACK Page
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: 1) Mat the photo on black cardstock with 1/16” borders. Use the Easy Vintage Labels template to trace the 7”x9” label shape onto Ruby rose dark pink tiny diamonds paper. Cut it out and ink the edges black. Mat on Ruby Rose light pink diamonds paper with 1/16” borders. Glue it onto the Ruby Rose dark red with floral border background paper as shown. 2) Use the 4”x5” scalloped edge of the 4”x5” label on the template to trace only one pointed side onto Ruby Rose pink/red floral paper. Cut it out with about 1 1/2" of length. Ink the edges black and place it extending 1” from the back of the photo on the left side. Glue on the photo. Glue the photo centered on the pink label on the page. Glue pink glimmer ribbon across the bottom of the photo. 3) Use the template to trace the 4”x5” label shape rounded side onto Ruby Rose white/gray floral paper, 5" from the bottom. Trace the pointed side of the same label shape centered 5” from the top edge. Now draw lines connecting the sides to the top and button and cut out the resulting tag shape. Ink the edges black and mat on Ruby Rose dark gray paper (from the floral corner sheet). Place Dazzles™ “I love YOU to the MOON AND BACK” centered on the tag, with tiny hearts as shown. Glue it overlapping the lower right corner of the large pink label. 4) Use the template to trace the 3”x4” label shape onto Ruby Rose white/gray floral paper. Cut out the shape and ink the edges black. Mat on dark gray paper with 1/16” borders. Place Dazzles™ “you &me” across the center of the label. Add remaining Dazzles™ as shown. 5) Use the sponge applicator in the top of the Glitter Kiss container to cover 3 different wood hearts with the Silver Chrome Glitter Kiss with a pouncing motion to cover the surface (use the tip of your knife to remove any excess from inside the spaces of the hearts as needed). Let dry. Back each heart with Ruby Rose dark red paper, trimming edges evenly. Glue the hearts evenly spaced on the left side of the photo. 6) Use your finger to add a small amount of Glitter Kiss inside some of the Dazzles™, then wipe over it with a clean finger to remove any excess from the surface or edges. Use the sponge applicator to add Glitter Kiss to the edgs of the white/gray tag and label. Thread thin strips of paper through the button holes to finish them and Zot™ in place. Glue sequins, pearls, and beads as shown. Add flowers and remaining ribbons as shown.