Love You Card

Debbie Samples

Love You Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: A simple black and white card to say Love You.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on top. Cover with White Truffle border paper, with the border on the right. Ink the edges.
  2. Stamp the small, medium, and large doily stamps in black ink all over the background, as shown. Stamp off the paper in some areas. Stamp the small doily in the middle of the largest one.
  3. Mat a 6½”x1/2” White Truffle beige/white paper on White Truffle black/white paper with 1/8” borders. Mat on white cardstock with 1/8” borders. Ink the edges, and foam tape on the center of the card front. Place a Dazzles™ border on the center.
  4. Stamp the medium doily on White Truffle beige/white paper. Cut close to the stamped edge. Stamp another medium doily on the back of a White Truffle paper. Cut out the center of the doily. Turn over, and use the beige/white side to foam tape in the center of the cut out one. Stamp Love you in the center.
  5. Card inside: Mat a 4”square of beige/white paper on a 4 ½” square of White Truffle black/white paper. Glue centered. Stamp a medium doily on the top right corner. .
  6. Place White Jewel Dazzles™ around the snowflakes. Glue a length of red/white twine at the top of the flag and Zot™ on a bow of twine.