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“Dream BIG” Card

Susan Cobb

“Dream BIG” Card
By Susan Cobb

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  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Cut a 5”x6 1/2" aqua/purple/red floral corner paper with the floral corner on the lower left. Place the paper on your cutting mat. Use your knife to carefully cut around the edges of the 2 top outer petals of the red flower on the corner, but leave them connected to the flower. Glue the paper even with the card, leaving the 2 petals loose.
  2. Place the Dazzles™ long vine with leaves on the left side of the card, beneath the loose petals as shown. Glue the petals in place over the bottom of the vine. Add a leaf sprig on the card, overlapping the right edge as shown, 1 1/2" from the bottom.
  3. Back the Dazzles™ 1 1/2" flower with red patterned paper, trimming the edges even with the outline of the blossom. Add on the card, near the lower right corner. Back the open areas of the Dazzles™ dragonfly with a purple section of the remaining floral corner paper. Lightly fold the wings together and place it angled near the center of the card as shown. Back a Dazzles™ border on red patterned paper, trimming the paper close to the edge. Glue down the left side of the card at the fold. Repeat with a small piece of border and piece it to fit the end. Add remaining Dazzles™ as shown.
  4. Inside: Cover the card with red patterned paper. Back the Dazzles™ rectangle frame flower with red patterned paper, then back the remainder on aqua/purple/red paper, trimming close to the edge of the frame. Glue it centered on the card, 1” from the bottom. Place “YOUR LIFE” centered inside the frame. Place “Illuminate” centered above the frame. Place a small dragonfly above “Illuminate” and the small flower centered on the red flower.