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It's your Birthday

It's your Birthday
Designer: Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Inside the floral pint-sized portfolio on the card front is a miniature accordion-style card filled with birthday wishes! I used the pint-sized card design on the template to create it. When using these Kaleidoscope papers, you dont have to line the inside of the portfoliothe paper is double-sided!



  1. Place your card with the fold at the left. Cut a 5x8 1/2" pink tiles/floral paper and fold the floral side down 1 at top and up 1 at the bottom. Round the inside corners of each flap. Ink edges then glue each flap in place. Glue even with the card front. Glue two 5 lengths of blue lagoon twine across the card front, 2 from the top. Tie a bow and Zot 1 from the left side.
  2. Write or computer print Its your birthday on the yellow side of the yellow grid/green tiles paper then use the template to trace a pint-sized label around the words. Cut out the label and ink the edges. Foam tape over the right side of the twine. Add brads to the centers of the small silk flowers and Zot near the label.
  3. Use the template to trace then cut out a pint-sized portfolio from tiny floral/tiny pink tiles paper, with lines on the pink side. Punch out the holes with the 1/16 round punch. Ink the edges. Fold on the lines and glue the tabs so the floral paper is on the outside. Trace and cut out two brad mats from the dark pink cardstock, ink the edges, and punch holes where indicated. Layer the brad mats over the holes on the portfolio. Insert brown mini brads into the holes and wrap 8 of limeade bakers twine around them to keep the portfolio closed.
  4. Use the pink-sized card design on the template to create the accordion-style card with birthday wishes. Trace and cut out 3 pint-sized cards from brown floral/blue houndstooth paper, and 2 from pink/brown gingham/brown circles paper. Ink the edges on all the cards.
  5. Open a floral card and place it so the fold is vertical. Take one side of a pink/brown gingham card and glue it beneath the right side of the floral card. You should have two floral panels with one pink/brown gingham panel at the right. Continue gluing the cards together, alternating floral and gingham as shown. Fold the cards accordion-style, then turn vertically.
  6. Write or computer print the birthday wishes on yellow grid paper. Trim to rectangles or trace around the words using the pint-sized label shape on the template. Ink the edges of each. Decorate the shapes with 1/4" punched circles from remaining brown floral paper, brads, or twine as shown. Glue a shape to each panel. Make a small loop with limeade twine and glue to the back of the top panel. Cut out a flower from remaining brown floral paper and glue it over the end of the loop of twine.
  7. Open the pint-sized portfolio and place the accordion-folded card inside. Wrap the twine around the brad mats to close. Glue the portfolio to the card front.
  8. Cut a 5x4 piece of pink tiles/floral paper and place with the pink side up. Fold the top and bottom edges of the floral side in, 3/4" each . Round the inside corners of each floral flap then ink edges. Glue the flaps in place. Place two 5 lengths of lagoon twine together and glue across the center of the pink tiles paper. Glue centered to the inside of the card.
  9. Write or computer print Hope your day is very special. On the yellow side of the yellow grid/green tiles paper and then use the template to trace a pint-sized label around the words. Cut out the label and ink the edges. Foam tape centered over the twine. Use the 1/4 round punch to punch tiny flowers from remaining floral paper and glue to the ends of the label.