LeNae's Snow Angel Layout

Technique: 30-Minute Winter Layout
Style: Clean and simple
Designer: LeNae Gerig

LeNaes Tip: Dividing the page into thirds is one of my favorite layout formulas. Look closely at this page and youll see that its divided visually into three vertical columns: on the left, I have two photos and the date; in the center I have the page title, large photo and journaling; and on the far right is strips of background paper. Youll notice that the three columns are not exactly the same width, nor are they perfectly aligned. This helps keep the page from looking too stripey.

(Yes, you can also divide a page into three horizontal columns for a different effect.)


How to make LeNaes layout:

  1. Cut a 2 1/8-wide strip of snowflake stripe paper and glue it to the right side of the square sponged background paper, about 1/2 from the right edge. (Instead of measuring, you can use the stripes on the patterned paper as a guide: mine is the width of five stripes.)
  2. Mat photos on teal paper, leaving a 1/8 border showing all around the photo. Place two photos on the left-hand side of the background paper and one in the center. Notice that Im using two square photos and one vertical photo? This gives me a focal for the layout (the large vertical photo) and helps me fit more photos on the page.
  3. Computer journal on the snowflake paper. Heres how I do it: I cut the 12x12 snowflake paper into a 12x8.5 piece so it fits in my computer printer. My tip? I always make sure to run a test sheet of plain paper through the printer to make sure my journaling is correct before I print onto patterned paper.
  4. Trim journaling and mat it on teal paper. Add to page.
  5. Cut out the Snow Angel title and glue to page above the main photo.

    Got 15 minutes more?

  6. Add regular-size pewter brads to the Snow Angel title.
  7. Cut out four large snowflake tags and four small snowflake tags; add regular-sized pewter brads to the large tags and mini pewter brads to the small tags. Add a regular-sized pewter brad in each large tag and a mini pewter brad in each small tag.
  8. Place one large and one small tag next to the journaled date on the left side of the page.
  9. Arrange the remaining tags along the stripe border on the right side of the page, alternating sizes.

Album pages reprinted from LeNaes 30-Minute Scrapbook Pages.