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Love Mini-Book

Ann Bernklau

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Love Mini-Book VIP Special or you can order them separately.

Love Mini-Book
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer’s Tip: It's easy to make a cute mini book with just two blank cards as a base. The template allows you to make a pretty nested shape. Follow the instructions for labeling your lines and pages to make the process easier.



  1. Place the first card so the fold is on the left. Place the template on the card with the right point of the 7x9 label just touching the right edge of the card. Trace around the 7x9 label and the three consecutive smaller labels, ending with the 4x5 shape. Remove the template and label your lines A, B, C, and D from smallest to largest.
  2. Cut along line D (the largest shape), cutting through both layers of the card. Open the card and cut only on the front flap along line C. insert the second blank card into the first card, with the fold on the left. Label all the pages (front and back) of your mini-book from 1 to 8 in pencil. Trace the cut edge (C) onto the inner card, page 3. Remove the inner card and cut both layers of the inner card along this line. Now on page 1, cut along line B and trace it onto page 3. Cut along this line only on page 3. On page 1 again, cut along line A to complete the base of your mini-book.
  3. Use a cosmetic sponge and the Dark Brown ink pad to ink along the inside of the folds on both the inner and outer card, and along the outside of the spines. Cover pages 1 and 2 with horizontal multi-stripe, carefully trimming to fit. Cover the following pages with the indicated patterns: 3- text, 4- tan/red French ads, 5- red texture, 6- butterfly corner, and 7- herringbone. Ink the edges of all pages brown with a cosmetic sponge.
  4. Open to the center of the mini-book and hold the cards aligned together as you punch a 1/8 hole in the spine, 2 from the top. Punch another hole 2 from the bottom of the card. String 15 of black/ivory gingham ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.
  5. Page 1: Mat selected words on red/black dot. Glue one at the top center and the other three cascading down as shown. Add gold heart Jewel Dazzles around the words and on the point at the right side.
  6. Pages 2 & 3: Glue a 3 3/4x5/8 red/black dot strip across Page 3, 2 from the bottom. Trim end to fit. Ink the edges of a 2x2 1/4 photo and mat on black words with 1/8 borders along the top and sides. Glue flush against the red stripe as shown. Glue a word below the photo from the Passwords Words of Love pack. Add two small gold hearts to the right side.
  7. Page 4: Glue Just my type near the top left of the page and embellish with gold hearts as shown. Ink the edges of a 1 1/4x2 photo and mat on red/black dot with 1/8 borders. Ink edges and mat on cream texture with 1/16 borders. Glue to page under the word and to the right.
  8. Page 5: Ink the edges of a 2x2 3/4 photo and mat on cream with 1/16 borders. Mat on herringbone with 1/4 borders. Ink edges and glue centered, 2 from the top. Glue Passwords Words of Love along the top of the photo as shown. Embellish with gold hearts as shown.
  9. Page 6 & 7: Ink the edges of a 2x3 photo and mat on cream texture with 1/16 borders. Glue to page 7 centered 1 1/4 from the top. Cut a 2x2 3/4 vintage label shape from red pattern paper. Ink edges and mat on cream texture with a 1/16 border. Ink edges and glue over the base of the photo as shown. Embellish the page with gold hearts.