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Lucky Me!

LeNae Gerig

Lucky Me!
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Create clovers from 3-D Heart Dazzles™ Gold and pop up the edges of the center hearts to give them dimension.



  1. Emboss white cardstock with the Hearts and Dots Embossing Folder. Cut the embossed cardstock to 4”x5 1/2” and use rubber brayer to apply Mint Chalk Ink to the embossed surface. Ink edges and mat on Gold Ripple Holographic Paper, leaving 1/8” border. Place the card with the fold on the left and glue the embossed rectangle to the card center.
  2. Cut a “V” shape at one end of ¾”x5 3/8”, ¾”x4¼” green Geometrics paper and ¾”x4 7/8” chevron Geometrics paper. Glue evenly spaced and even with the top of the embossed paper as shown. Knot the ends of 1½” wide length of green crepe Geometrics ribbon and trim the 1¼” tails with a “V” shape. Place the ribbon ¾” from the card top and Zot the knot on the left side of the card as shown. Glue the ribbon ends to extend off the card edges and trim.
  3. Tag: Cut the top corners from 1¾”x2½” Gold Ripple Holographic paper. Write or print “Lucky Me!” on white cardstock and cut into a thin strip. Glue across the bottom of the tag as shown. Ink edges of 1 5/8” square of green Geometrics paper. Place 3 medium 3-D Heart Dazzles™ Gold to the square for a clover as shown. Cut a thin line of gold from the edge of the heart backing sheet for the clover stem. Punch a 1/8” hole at the top of the tag and thread with twine cording. Zot the twine ends under the ribbon knot and foam tape the tag to the card as shown.
  4. Inside: Mat the bottom edge of 5”x2” green Geometrics paper with 1/8” wide border of Gold Ripple Holographic paper. Glue to the top of the card as shown. Write or print “To Have a Friend….” On white cardstock. Place tiny 3-D Heart Dazzles™ Gold in the shape of a clover to the right of the text and cut a thin strip of heart backing sheet for the stem. Cut cardstock into a thin strip with a “V” shape on the left end. Glue even with the right side of the card as shown.