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Magic Memories Tin

Susan Cobb

Magic Memories Tin
By Susan Cobb

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Susan's Tip: This little Disney memorabilia tin is so cute, and couldn't be easier! You could also add a name or initials with the Magic foam glitter letters, if you like.



  1. Cut the felt ribbon into two pieces (between the star at the end of "magic", and "memories"), reserving the pieces connecting them. Attach the words to the lid of the tin, above and below the handle. Add the year across the right side with glitter stickers.
  2. Cut two 1 3/4" wide strips of blue dotted border, ink the edges, and glue around the sides of the tin, piecing together as needed. Glue yellow ribbon around bottom edge of the paper. Zot a knotted ribbon as shown. Punch art pieces and glue or Zot around the sides as shown. Add brads or foam glitter pieces to star punch-outs and Zot to the sides and lid. Tie the handle with red ribbon, with a bow on top.
  3. Trim prongs from a yellow mouse ears brad and place over the "o" in "memories". Trim a small piece of leftover black felt and add to the inside of the "o" above the position of the brad to cover any metal showing. Zot the mouse ears in place over the "o". Trim the bottom of the tag so it fits on the bottom front of the tin, below the lid. Computer print or write by hand on the tag, then glue to the tin.