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May all Your Wishes…

LeNae Gerig

May all Your Wishes…
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: When mixing the Dazzles™ colors for a card sentiment, if one of the colors does not show up well on the paper, back that portion of the Dazzles™ with a different color of paper to help it really pop!



  1. Front: Place the card fold on the left and cover with black cardstock. Ink edges of 4 ¾”x6 ¼” On Butterfly Wings tan border paper, cut from the top right corner. Glue to the card center. Glue 1 ¾”x6 ½” striped paper down the card, ½” from the left.
  2. Ink edges of 4 ¾”x3” On Butterfly Wings brown dot paper and glue across the card, ¾” from the bottom. Back the rectangle portion of the pearl tag On Butterfly Wings black dot paper and place Inside/Outside 3 Pack Dazzles™ gold “Wishes” on the rectangle. Glue to the brown dot paper as shown and place a pearl bracket on each end. Place white “May all your” Dazzles™ above the rectangle with a white heard Dazzles™ on each side of the rectangle. Place black “come true!” Dazzles™ below the rectangle.
  3. Cut a small butterfly from On Butterfly Wings paper and foam tape to the top right edge of brown dot border. Zot( a large Black Jeweled flower to the left. Place an Inside/Outside 3 Pack Dazzles™ tiny black butterfly with gold innies on the top right.
  4. Inside: Cover card with On Butterfly Wings tan border paper with the typewriter on the bottom right corner. Ink edges of 5”x2” striped paper and glue across the card top. Ink edges of 2 3/8”x1 ¾” On Butterfly Wings brown dot paper and mat with black cardstock, leaving 1/8” wide border. Foam tape to overlap the border as shown. Place Inside/Outside 3 Pack Dazzles™ tiny gold butterfly with black innies on the top right as shown.