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Moments in Time

Gail Booth

Moments in Time
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Mix up your mat sizes for variety, and use the die-cut sheet as a template for border shapes.



  1. Techniques: #1 Silhouette Border #2 Photo Borders #3 Clock Shadows #4 Clock & Word Collage
  2. Journaling Recipe: “You Know You’re…” Journal about a moment of change or realization in your life.
  3. Step #1 BACKGROUND For both pages: Cut the aqua flourish paper in half vertically and glue the aqua flourish on the left of a 12”x12” cardstock. Turn over the other half of the paper to glue the aqua texture paper on the right. Ink the edges brown. For right page: Place your page with the teal flourish on the right.
  4. Step #2 PHOTOS For left page: Mat a 3 1/2”x5” photo on cardstock with a 1/8” border, then on brown dot paper with a 1/4” border. Glue 1/8” from right edge of the page, above the house border, tucking under the rooftops. Ink the edges of three 3”x2” photos. Mat two on aqua scroll paper with 1/8” borders and one on ivory flourish paper with a 1/8” border.
  5. TECHNIQUE: PHOTO BORDERS For left page: Ink the edges of a 2”x3” photo and mat on aqua scroll paper with 1/4” borders on three edges and a 1/2” border on the upper edge. Tie a knot in a 3 1/2” length of brown sheer ribbon and wrap around the wide matted end, gluing behind. Repeat the process for a 3”x2” photo. Arrange the small photos around the large photo and glue in place, foam taping one photo over the lower left corner of the large photo. For right page: Mat a 6”x4” photo on brown stripe paper with 1/8” borders on three edges and a 1/2” border on the lower edge. Cut out a 6 1/4” long strip of the border art and glue over the lower edge of the photo. Ink the edges and glue 1/8” from the left edge of the page, leaving the lower right corner loose. Mat a 5”x3 1/2” photo on ivory flourish paper with 1/4” borders on three edges and a 1/2” border on the right edge. Repeat the border art strip on the right edge of the photo. Ink the edges and glue under the loose photo corner, as shown.
  6. Step #3 JOURNALING For left page: Journal the title on the left side of a post card and “Home Sweet Home” in the address area. Glue the lower edge and foam tape the upper edge of the postcard at an angle, as shown, tucking lower right corner under a photo. Tie a bow with a 10” length of brown stitched ribbon and Zot™ onto the postcard. Journal the sentiment on a 4”x3” ivory flourish paper, and clip the corners at an angle. Ink the edges and fold down 1/8” of the upper corners. Glue in place at an angle, as shown. For right page: Cut a postcard to 4¼”x2”, keeping the hole on the left, and ink the edges. Journal “The key to happiness…” on the tag, tie a knot of the brown stitched ribbon through the hole and Zot™ on a metal key. Zot™ a small knot of sheer ribbon on the key and foam tape in place, as shown. Fonts: Homemade Apple, 22 pt. for title and 16 pt. for sentiment; various fonts at 48 pt. for Word Collage technique.
  7. TECHNIQUE: CLOCK & WORD COLLAGE For right page: Punch out the clock die-cuts and use as a template to trace and cut out a circle of patterned paper for each. Ink the paper edges, mat one on brown dot with a 1/4” border and mat one on cardstock with a 1/16” border. Ink the circle edges, glue in place, as shown and foam tape the clocks offset from the circles. Zot™ a 16” length of sheer ribbon from one clock to the other, turning and Zotting in a zigzag pattern. Pop out the “Moments” die-cuts and foam tape each letter over a 1” square of aqua scroll paper, on point. Glue the “Moments” letters over the ribbon at the top, as shown. Journal “In” and “Time” letters in various fonts on cardstock, cut out in rectangular shapes, ink the edges and mat on aqua scroll paper, then on brown stripe paper with 1/16” borders. Foam tape as shown. Foam tape the camera and hand die-cuts as shown. Ink the edges of the house die-cuts and foam tape at the lower left, as shown.