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More Acrylic Stamping

About the Projects
More Acrylic Stamping
Designers: Susan Cobb & LeNae Gerig

Get ready to get stamping! Never stamped before? Acrylic stamps make it easy. All you need is a sheet of stamps, an Acrylic Block and your favorite ink pad.

First peel your choice of stamp off its liner sheet and press it onto the block (the acrylic stamp and block cling together to keep the stamp in place). Once you have the stamp on the block, apply the ink: Either hold the block and tap the stamp onto the ink pad or place the block on a flat surface (stamp side up) and hold the ink pad in your hand, tapping it onto the stamp. Next, press the stamp onto your project. Take care not to rock the stampsimply apply medium, allover pressure. Finally lift the stamp and you're set!

After stamping, wash the block and stamp with soap and water. Once dry, peel the stamp off the block and replace it on its liner sheet. The stamp clings back to the liner sheet just like it clung to the block.

Now read on to see how Susan and LeNae used acrylic stamps to create unique accents for cards and layouts!

Special Delivery
By Susan Cobb

Susan added tons of personality to this sweet baby announcement by giving the baby its own pair of wings! She simply stamped the wings individually on pink paper, cut around the edges and glued them behind the baby photo. Susan also used a heart-shaped stamp from the same set to create a frame around a computer journaled message.

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For the Card Front:

  1. Place the card with the fold at the top and trim 1" off the bottom edge of the card front. Computer journal Special Delivery on yellow gingham paper. Use the gingham paper to cover the card front, centering the journaling along the bottom edge. Ink the edges of the card front.
  2. Stamp left and right butterfly wings on pink textured paper and trim around the edges. Glue the wings to the right side of the card front. Crop a baby photo around the edges of the subject and glue between the wings.
  3. Glue 4" of pink grosgrain ribbon down the left side of the card front. Zot a bow of pink grosgrain to the top of the length.
  4. Computer journal bundle of joy on white cardstock. Stamp a heart shape around the journaling, then cut around the edges of the heart. Glue the heart below the bow on the ribbon length.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Cover the card inside with yellow gingham paper, positioning the striped border along the bottom edge. Ink the edges of the card inside.
  2. Computer journal an announcement on pink textured paper and ink the edges. Mat on white cardstock, crop to 1/16" and ink the edges. Tape the loose ends of a folded piece of pink grosgrain ribbon behind the right edge of the mat. Glue the announcement centered on the card inside.
  3. Stamp a butterfly on pink textured paper and crop around the edges. Glue the butterfly in the bottom left corner of the announcement.

4 Real Princess
By LeNae Gerig

LeNae used a variety of pattern stamps to alter embellishments and create eye-catching accents for this girly page. She used a barcode pattern to stamp across a length of grosgrain ribbon so it mimics the stripes printed on the background paper. She also used a polka dot pattern to stamp on top of a big brad and to create dotted silk flowers. LeNae finished off the page with a pretty swirl stamped below the photo.

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  1. Place a sheet of pink/green striped paper with the stripes running vertically. Ink the edges of a 12"x10 1/4" piece of green textured paper. Glue the green paper 1 1/4" from the top of the striped paper. Ink the edges of an 8" square of pink dotted paper. Glue the pink paper even with the top of the striped paper, 1/2" from the left edge.
  2. Mat a 7"x5" photo on brown cardstock, trimming the left edge even with the photo and the other edges to 1/8". Glue the photo even with the top left edge of the page. Add two pink mini brads to the top left corner of the photo.
  3. Mat a 2 1/2"x3" photo on brown cardstock and trim to 1/8". Glue the photo to the lower right of the larger photo.
  4. Sand the edges of pink and green monograms to spell 4 Real. Wrap pink ribbon around the left edge of the R and secure in place with a brown mini brad. Foam tape the R and glue the other monograms in the top right corner of the page.
  5. Stamp the barcode pattern repeatedly across a 13" pink ribbon length. Run the ribbon across the bottom of the page and tape the ends to the back side.
  6. Stamp the polka dot pattern on a large pink silk flower, a small white flower and a pink big brad. Thread a pink and a brown button with embroidery floss.
  7. Stamp the swirl pattern below the larger photo, running off the bottom edge of the pink dotted paper. Zot the stamped white flower to the left end of the swirls, then Zot the threaded pink button in the center. Write Princess on the small brown tag cut-out and glue it to the right end of the swirls. Zot a white button to the tag's tab.
  8. Zot the stamped pink flower in the bottom right corner of the smaller photo, then Zot the threaded brown button in the center. Use the stamped big brad to attach a large white silk flower next to the pink flower.