New Girlfriend Gifts

by Sara Naumann

For your mom. For your sister. For your co-worker. And for your very best friend in the world. The next time you need a wonderful gift idea for the women in your life, a Girlfriend Gift journal is ideal.

Whats a Girlfriend Gift? Its a personalized journal, covered with beautiful papers, tags, quotes, alphabet tiles, embossed paper charms and 3-D embellishments like fibers and brads. Its designed for one of four special kinds of women: the Earthy Girl, the Romantic Girl, the Classic Girl or the Journey Girl. She can use it for a million things, like an address book or scrapbook, a diary, a recipe book or a place to jot down her latest creative list. Make them for your girlfriends or make one for you!

Here, designer Paris Dukes shares some of her tips, techniques and great ideas for making your very own Girlfriend Gift journal!

For the Journey Girl

Dream. Wish. Believe. This journal was created just for the Journey Girl, the one with the gift of creative inspiration. She can use it as a place to tuck notes, thoughts and snippets of poetry, to record her dreams or jot down her favorite books, songs or creative project ideas.

For the Earthy Girl

Natural. Creative. Grounded. This journal is the perfect gift for the Part not in database (may have been discontinued): #1902 the one who nurtures her relationships and responsibilities with as much care as tending a gardenand so her life blooms with friendship and laughter. She can tuck botanical sketches or pressed flowers inside, or save her recipes, garden notes or ideas for her next creative endeavor.

For the Classic Girl

Sophisticated. Wise. Strong. This journal was handmade for the Classic Girl, the one whos always true blue, with a timeless sense of style. She lives a life of balance and insight, always remembering whats important in life: family, friends and a few special favorites (a great book and a gourmet cup of coffee, for example!). She can use this book to keep track of appointments, phone numbers and addresses, to keep photos and mementos or to jot down the name of her favorite coffee shop.

For the Romantic Girl

Love. Wonder. Heartfelt. This journal is especially for the Romantic Girl, the one who cries at sad movies (and happy ones, too), the woman who loves everything old, from dried rose petals to the trunks full of treasures in a grandmothers attic. She can use this journal to tuck away notes or pressed flowers, record memories, jot down the tiles of favorite books or to safely keep that recipe for scones and Devonshire cream.

Girlfriend Gift Basics
Removing the Journal Cover

Locate where the spiral binding comes together. On some journals this will be between the back cover and the pages. On others, this will be between the front and back covers. Gently pull apart the binding and remove the cover. Occasionally, you will need to remove all of the pages as well so you can remove the cover. When youre done covering the cover with paper, simply replace the front and back cover and pages in the reverse of how you removed them.

Covering the Album Cover

Cut out the background paper from the kit. Use a glue stick to coat the front of the cover; be sure to coat each edge very well, especially along the holes. Place the paper over the journal cover and press down. Trim any excess.

Punching the Holes

From the back of the journal cover, use a 1/4" hole punch to make holes in the cover paper. Place the hole punch in the existing hole, then punch.

Decorating the Cover

Each Girlfriend Gift journal is special and unique. Take a look at these albums Paris created!

Please note: For each journal shown below, all paper and 3-D embellishments are included in the kit. You will only need the journal to decorate. (The kit comes with a 9"x11" journal.) For the projects above, Paris used a 6"x8" book.

Love these amazing books? Then be sure to look at the Girlfriend Gift kits, packed with tons of wonderful treasures to create your own decorated journal.