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New Templates

About the Projects
New Templates
Designer: Susan Cobb & Laura Nicholas

Want to wow your friends with intricate-looking handmade embellishments? Want it to be easy, too? Fold-It templates do the trick!

Our #1 template tip? Be sure to trace the template pattern onto your paper, then cut it out. Don't try cutting the shape directly through the template without tracing it first, as it's easy to slip and cut right through the template.

By Susan Cobb

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Susan created an eye-catching focal for this card front using the Fold-It Ribbon Swirls template. She created a two-toned ribbon swirl by gluing pink and blue papers back-to-back before cutting out the template shapes. Try this technique, or simply use a double-sided paper for the same effect. You can also use a single-sided sheet, allowing the second color to be the white on the back side of the paper (which can then be chalked, inked or stamped as you like).


For the Card Front:

  1. Place the card with the fold on the left. Cut a 4 5/8"x6 1/2" piece of lime circles paper. Glue a 1/4"-wide strip of orange texture paper behind the left edge so only 1/8" of the strip is visible. Glue a 1/2"-wide strip of pink swirls paper behind the left edge so only 1/4" is visible. Add a blue mini brad to the top and bottom of the seam between the orange and pink strips, then glue the whole piece to the card front.
  2. Measure and make a mark along the top and the right edges, both 2 1/2" from the top right corner of the card front. Fold diagonally between the two marks. Cover the folded corner with pink swirls paper and glue to the card front.
  3. Trace the Base and two Tail shapes from the template onto orange texture paper. Cut out the shapes and mat each on white cardstock. Glue the Tails behind the Base, extending out from the bottom. Glue the whole piece to the card front with the Base overlapping the folded corner.
  4. Glue pink swirls and teal texture paper back-to-back. Trace and cut 5 large "Loop-de-loop shapes from the papers, punching a hole in each of the rounded ends. Follow the instructions printed on the template to create the finished Loop-de-loop shape. Add a lime mini Brad Buddy to the center of the Loop-de-loop, inserting an orange mini brad through the center of the Brad Buddy and all layers of the Loop-de-loop. Zot the whole piece centered on the Base on the card front.
  5. Computer journal Celebrate! on white cardstock. Mat the word on aqua texture paper and trim to 1/16". Glue the word with the left end tucked under the right edge of the Base.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Cover the card inside with orange texture paper.
  2. Computer journal a sentiment on white cardstock. Mat on aqua texture paper and trim to 1/16". Mat again on pink swirl paper and trim to 1/4". Mat again on lime circles paper and trim to 3/8". Mat a fourth time on white cardstock, trim to 1/16" and glue centered on the card inside.

My Sisters
By Laura Nicholas

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Your folded shapes will take on a different look depending on which side of the paper you trace the patterns. For these Angel Wings bows, Laura traced the pattern on the front side of the paper. Tracing the pattern onto the back of the paper will give a reverse effect. Trace them all onto the front or the back of the paper to make them all look the same, or trace some on the front and others on the back for variety.



  1. Place the purple striped paper with the stripes running vertically. Ink the edges of a 1 3/4"-wide strip of brown dotted paper and glue even with the bottom edge. Ink the edges of a 3/8"-wide strip of purple dotted paper. Mat on ivory texture paper, trim the mat to 1/8" and ink the edges. Glue the strip overlapping the seam between the other two papers.
  2. Ink the edges of a 9 1/2"x8 1/4" piece of ivory texture paper and glue to the striped portion of the background. Glue two horizontal photos one above the other on the right side of the ivory paper. Foam tape word fragments to the right side of the bottom photo.
  3. Computer journal a vertical block on white cardstock. Crop to 3 1/4"x8", ink the edges and glue to the left side of the ivory paper.
  4. Trace and cut four of the template's Angel Wings patterns from purple dotted paper. Ink the edges of each and follow the instructions printed on the template to fold the bows into shape. Foam tape one bow above the journaling and the other three across the right side of the purple dotted strip. Ink the edges of four purple button cut-outs and glue one in the center of each bow.