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Noel pocket

Laura Nicholas

Noel pocket
By Laura Nicholas

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Laura's Tip: Glue dot the Brad Buddies™ into place for flatter surfaces and to hide the prongs of the brads.



  1. Cover the top flap with tan striped paper, cover the bottom flap with tan dot paper and ink the edges. Add pen stitching around the edges of the striped.
  2. Glue dot "Noel" to the dot paper so the flap can tuck under it to hold the pocket closed.
  3. Glue dot the large star Brad Buddy to the flap and finish by foam taping ribbons words and a stamp.
  4. Inside the pocket: Cover the top flap and bottom pocket with tan dot paper and ink the edges. Glue the pocket edges to hold a gift card. Cover the side flaps with striped paper, ink the edges and add pen stitching. Glue dot the ornament and star Brad Buddies to the flaps.
  5. Open the flaps and cover the left flap with dark tan striped paper. Continue across the center by matching the striped border paper and cover the right flap with the remaining diamond paper. Add pen stitching.
  6. Ink the edges of the ribbon words and stamp and glue inside the surface. Add a greeting to the label and glue inside.
  7. Sign the "To:/From:" tag and glue to the pocket.