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Paper Flair Christmas Cards

Creative Spark - Paper Flair Christmas Cards
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Paper Flair Christmas Cards

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Ornament & Bell Card
(from Shaped Christmas Cards)

  1. Align the gold straight edge of the ornament and bell piece along the fold of the card front and glue in place. Open the card and cut around the right side of the bell and ribbon on the card front only. Cut out the bow with holly, the blue ornaments strip and the green bell strip. Apply foam tape to the back of each piece then attach each to the card front as shown.
  2. Adhere 3mm light blue crystal stickers to the snowflakes on the foam taped pieces.
  3. Inside the card: Cover the inside back with the blue sponged paper. Cut out the message plaque and glue it slightly to the left on the inside back behind the front card. Cut out, sign and glue the "Handmade by" tag to the back of your card.

Peace on Earth Window Card
(from How to make Christmas cards if you think you can’t)

  1. Cut the card along the fold to create two pieces. Fold 1 1⁄2" under on one short edge of one piece. Position this 1 1⁄2" flap at the top back of the second piece and glue it so the 5" flap wraps over the top of the card to the front.
  2. Cover the card front with green/black diamond paper. Open the card and cover the inside back with green/black stripe paper. Using the ruler, measure a 2 3⁄4" square centered on the card front.
  3. Open the card and place the front face up on a cutting surface. Use an X-acto® knife to cut out the square window. Cut four 1⁄4"x2 7⁄8" gold sponged strips and glue them as a frame around the window. Cut six 1⁄4"x5" gold sponged strips and glue four along the edges of the card front.
  4. Glue the last two along the top and bottom edges of the striped paper.
  5. Inside the card: Cut the "Peace on Earth" laser embellishment image to a 2 3⁄4" square and glue it to the inside back of the card, centered behind the window. Glue a burgundy dot bow to the lower left edge on the card front.



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