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Paper Pizazz Overlays

With the recent trends in scrapbooking moving toward flat embellishments and clear materials, overlays are one of the most versatile products on the market. I love that they provide instant titles and borders to my 12x12 layouts, and they couldnt be easier to use.

So what makes overlays so versatile? Theyre totally alterableand theyre not only for page titles and borders. You can use the overlay as is, or use scissors or a paper trimmer to cut off the border and add it to any edge of your page. You can add the border right across the middle of your layout like the page shown at the right, or cut it in half and place one half on each side of an 8x8 or 12x12 double page spread. I also like to crop the overlay and place it over a large photo, or mount the overlay border on top of a solid cardstock to make it stand out from the patterned paper on my layout.

Paper Pizazz Overlays are made from oriented polyester which is a non-porous material similar to acetate, so heres a bonus for all you rubber stampers out there: A regular dye or pigment based ink pad wont absorb into or dry on the material, but a StazOn ink pad works great for inking the edges or stamping on top of your overlay.

Since overlays are clear, you can add lots of visual dimension to your layout by placing elements both under and on top of the overlay. Because of their transparency, however, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to attach an overlay to your page. First off, you dont have to attach the overlay to your page at all. I just place my finished layout and the overlay in a page protector and both sheets stay in place without being attached to each other. However, if you would like to attach the overlay to your page, here are a few tricks Ive learned:

Place the overlay on top of your page and punch a hole in each corner. Insert a brad or eyelet into each hole to secure the overlay to the paper.

Punch a series of holes in one of the corners of your layout, then tie ribbons through the holes to attach the overlay. Or try punching holes down one edge of the page, then weave ribbon through or tie ribbons down the whole edge.

Adhesives like glue sticks, Zots and mounting tabs will show through the overlay when you press it onto your page, but this doesnt mean that you cant use these adhesives at all. I usually just apply adhesive to the back of my overlay, then cover up the areas of adhesive by placing photos, journaling or large embellishments on top of the overlay to hide the adhesive. Tip: When placing elements both underneath and on top of the overlay, save 3-D embellishments like brads and ribbons for the top of the overlay or else your page wont lay flat in your page protector.

Overlays are fun, quick and easy to use and they add lots of pizazz to your paper crafting projects. Theyre perfect for scrapbook layouts, or try experimenting with them on cards and sarabinders covers!