Paris Dukes

Meet Scrapbook Specialist Paris Dukes

For all of you paper piecing addicts out there meet the goddess of paper piecing, Paris Dukes!

Like many of scrappers, Paris became a scrapbooking fanatic after passing a booth at a craft bazaar. Ive kept scrapbooks and photo albums since I was a kidwhich were definitely not acid-free, yikes! I loved the idea of creating safe and fun scrapbooks. Since passing that booth in 1995 I have completed over 35 albums! I guess you could say Im addicted.

She fed her addiction by getting involved with the scrapbooking I did a few contests for Paper Pizazz and I was hooked. I love paper, vellum and accessories such as tags. Now Paris works in a scrap-aholics dreamland alongside the other talented designers. Her first project at Hot Off The Press was to start work on the 144-page book, 203 Paper Piecing Patterns an easy task for a paper-piecer. I love the detail of paper piecing. It is so fun to work with all the glorious papers and add embellishments such as glitter, buttons, wire, eyelets and fibers! They truly light up your page and you don't have to worry about adding much else.

We are pleased to introduce you to the latest addition to the Paper Pizazz team, Paris Dukes!

Tell us a little about your roots.

I have lived all overIowa, Minnesota and Arizona. I graduated with my BA in English from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I have lived in Oregon since 1992 and consider it home. I love it here!

What is your favorite scrapbooking topic?

My daughter takes up a lot of my scrapbooks. She loves horses! (Can Paper Pizazz produce a horse paper book just for me?) Also, I scrap all the adventures I have with my family. We love to travel, hike, camp, ski and lots of other fun activities.

What do you do to get started on a project?

Looking through my photos and picking my favorites is usually how I get started. Sometimes if I have some perfect paper I MUST use, Ill dig for the perfect photo afterwards. Then I look through my embellishments and see what matches. I let my imagination take over and go for it! Looking through magazines, idea books and taking classes helps me a lot. To maintain momentum, I try to scrapbook or do something crafty and creative everyday. When I stop for a long period of time, its tough to get going again.

What is your favorite scrapbooking technique and why?

Although Im not sure Ive developed any really new techniques, I did use gemstones on a page before it was cool! That page will be on an upcoming episode of Scrapbook Memoriesa PBS/Memory Makers show. I think my scrapping friends know me best for my use of vellum and paper dolls. And of course for paper-piecing!

Treasure Chest from 203 Paper Piecing Patterns

What is your advice to beginning scrappers? For the more confident scapper?

Have fun! Dont be afraid to try new things. My style is to keep it simple but try to add at least one really special thing to your page. Keep learning, even after you've been scrapping for awhile. Take a class even if you think you should be teaching it. Youll always come away with new ideas and meet some great scrappers.

What is your advice to scrappers seeking creative inspiration?

Look for inspiration in everyday life. When I drive, I look at colors of nature. When I shop, I look for interesting fabric textures and colors that would work in my scrapping. I got a great catalog in the mail with wonderful jewelryI see beads on my scrapbook page ideas are everywhere!

What is your philosophy about scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking should be fun. It is my creative outlet. It is my way of preserving the past for my family. I like to do one or two things on each page that make it stand out and feel special. I want my pages to show my personality and creativity.

We also wanted to give you the inside scoop on 203 Paper Piecing Patterns. And because Paris name is, well, Pariswe thought wed give you a free paper piecing pattern of the Eiffel Tower.