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Photography Tips - Thursday

Photography Tips Thursday

Are you a point-and-shoot photographer? Take a look at a few of our design teams tips for taking better photos for scrapbooking!

Extra space: A photo with extra space at one side might look a bit lopsided, but you can use that to your advantage when scrapbooking. Use the extra space to add a flower, tie ribbon, or add a Dazzle border over the excess space on that photo when you add it to your page. Susan

Photo sizes: I love to print my photos in a variety of sizes, wallets to 8x12. If I want to do a layout using lots of photos, I print smaller photos. If I want a dramatic effect, I print a larger photo. I also love to mix black and white photos with color on the same page. With digital, photos can be changed to black and white, but try using black and white film and you will get some amazing results. Laura

Protecting your camera: The great outdoors offers so many wonderful photo oppseven when the weather isnt so wonderful. What about your camera? Protect it in rain by shielding it from the elements with a plastic bag. You can cut an opening in the bag for the lens and secure it with a rubber band to protect it. Sara

Scrapbooking options: When I take photos, I like to shoot each subject both as close-ups and from a distance, so I have lots of options when scrapbooking them. Susan

Printing finish: Ive found that printing photos with a matte or lustre finish reduces the amount of fingerprints on my photos. Laura

Try a new angle: We went to the beach recently and I tried a new camera angle. While my daughter played in the sand I got down on my belly (yes, I got sandy!) and snapped a few shots really low and angled up to her. They turned out great! Next time I will remember to bring a towel to lay on, but I will definitely use this angle again. LeNae