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Pinwheel Spinner Card

LeNae Gerig

Pinwheel Spinner Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The pinwheel on the card front slides across or down the card along the die-cut slot.



  1. Punch out the large and small spinner die-cut pieces. Bend the pointed ends of the large and small pinwheels inwards and fix them in the center with Ultra Clear Tape. Foam tape the small pinwheel, offset, on the center of the large pinwheel. Foam tape a small circle die-cut to the center of the small pinwheel.
  2. Foam tape a penny on the back of the pinwheel using a double layer of foam tape pads. Place 2 layers of foam tape to the opposite side of the penny and adhere the second penny.
  3. Place foam tape around the outside edges of the spinner topper. Place the bottom penny through the topper slot and secure the topper to the coordinating card front. Foam tape the round greeting die-cut to the card center.