Writing Teacher Bios

by Sara Naumann

Sample bio:
Sara Naumann is a dedicated paper-crafter and self-described Paper Addict. You can see her work in Somerset Studio, Memory Makers and international paper crafting magazines. She is the author of More Altered Books and the creator of the sarabook line.

Your goal in the bio is to establish credibility and bond with the potential student.

What if youre not the author of a book or product line designer?

  • List any magazines or websites where your pages have been shown.
  • Mention the number of pages youve made or albums youve created.
  • Talk about how many years youve been teaching or scrapbooking.
  • Share personal bits, like how many kids you have or other favorite hobbies.
  • Include CKU experiences like CKU-Tbut remember to list yourself as a CKU-T Alum, as CKU cant certify anyone. And be sure to explain what CKU and CKU-T are, since not all customers will know.

    Where to include your bio:

  • on your resume
  • in your Teacher Portfolio
  • parts can be integrated into your class description

    Enjoywell see you at the next CKU!