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Rockin Leather Jacket!

Rockin Leather Jacket!
Designer: Debbie Samples

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Folding Instructions: Click here.


  1. For the card shape: view this Weekly Webisode.
  2. Cut a length of silver border Dazzle as long as the shirtfront for a zipper. Mat it on the unused portion of the gold borders (around the outside edge). Cut a small mat, just enough to make it look like a zipper. Cut 2 more 1/2 pieces, and mat them the same for the pocket zippers. Place them as shown. Cut 1 from the top through all layers (including the zipper) to make it look as if the jacket is open at the top.
  3. Place a silver brad, on the point of each collar, and at the edge of each pocket zipper.
  4. Print Happy Father's Day on a white piece of paper. Cut it to 2 1/2. Mat it on the Gold Hammered paper, with 1/4 borders. Print To a Really Cool Dad on white paper, and mat it the same.
  5. Place the Happy Fathers Day on the front, across the open top. Place a brad on each end, just going through one layer of black, so the legs do not show inside.
  6. Trace the inside of the jacket on the back of the grey suede. Cut just inside of your lines to make a Lining for the jacket. Glue it inside. Add the matted sentiment. Tuck the front under the collar.