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Rosebud Happy Birthday Card

Ann Bernklau

Get the punch needed to make this project with the Marta Multi-Shaper Punch Marta Multi-Shaper II Punch .

Rosebud Happy Birthday Card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tip: Create a faux "gilded" gold edge by inking edges with Versamark, sprinkling on gold embossing powder and embossing with a heat tool.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the left. Cover card with beige floral. Take a red texture sheet and punch along the long edge creating a rosebud border. Trim the border to 3/4" wide and glue along the fold with the straight edge flush with the fold.
  2. Punch a 6" red texture circle using the rosebud multi-shaper punch. Cut the circle in half and glue to the card with the straight edge flush with the right edge of the card.
  3. With the other half, trim off one set of rosebuds (one punched image). Place the rosebuds on a craft sheet and press the Versamark inkpad down onto the punched image, dabbing until the piece is covered. Transfer the piece to a clean piece of scrap paper. Sprinkle gold embossing powder all over the piece. Use tweezers to hold the piece while you melt the powder with an embossing heat tool. Once it is dry, Mat the rosebuds onto red texture with a 1/16" border. Glue the rosebuds to the card 2 1/4" from the top and 1" from the side.
  4. Ink all edges of the card with Versamark and emboss with gold embossing powder using the same technique as the label.
  5. Cut out the long beige floral label from the Creative Pack, trimming off the black line. Print "Happy Birthday" in the center. Ink the edges of the label by running them along the Versamark inkpad, then sprinkle on gold embossing powder. Heat with embossing tool. Mat label onto red texture with a 1/8" border. Emboss edges as before. Foam tape to card, centered just below the rosebuds.
  6. Tie a bow with 1" of gold sheer ribbon and Zot it to the lower right of the label. Take a small white daisy from the White Wildflowers and press the front of it into the Versamark inkpad. Sprinkle on gold embossing powder and shake off excess. Emboss with heat tool. Glue just under the knot of the bow with a Zot. Add one gold nailhead as the center.
  7. Apply strips of gold nailheads from the left red rosebud border to the right rosebud half-circle at the following positions: 3/4" from the top, 1" from the bottom, and 1/2" from the bottom.